Over time, concrete can settle and sink, creating an unsightly appearance and potentially creating trip hazards. In some cases, concrete that has settled unevenly can also cause cracking and other damage.

Suppose you have noticed that your concrete sidewalks, driveway, or patio is starting to sag or show signs of wear. In that case, you may need a definite lifting service.

We have several techniques for recovering sinking concrete at WNY Spray Foam. Our concrete lifting services guarantee to return your concrete to a good solid base.


The Benefits Of Our Concrete Lifting Service

Our concrete lifting services at WNY Spray Foam have many benefits.

Appearance Improvement

By returning your concrete to its original level, we can improve the appearance of your property, making it look neater and more well-kept.

Trip Hazard Prevention

Sunken concrete can create trip hazards that can lead to accidents and injuries. We can help keep you and your loved ones safe by restoring your concrete to its rightful place.

Structural Support

Lifting your concrete can also help to prevent further damage by providing additional support to the structure.

Here’s Why You Should Work With Us

WNY Spray Foam is known for its top customer service and experience in the industry, but here are some other main reasons why you should work with us:

Prompt Response 

We value your time; that’s why we’re always on time. We work according to schedule because we care about you.


Our staff is trained to always clean up after every work they do, so don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of it.


Our specialists are knowledgeable in all areas of spray foam insulation. We’ll be happy to help you choose the proper insulation for your project.

Get The Concrete Lifting Your Property Requires Today!

At WNY Spray Foam, we are experts in concrete lifting and provide a permanent solution to your problem. Contact us today to schedule a quote.

When you need concrete lifting services in Buffalo, NY, look no further than WNY Spray Foam.