The soil around your property constantly shifts and settles, which can cause sunken concrete. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also create trip hazards and make it difficult to open doors and driveways. 

Concrete lifting is a popular solution for cracked sidewalks, driveways, and patios. This solution is more economical than completely replacing the concrete.

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Here Are The Answers To The Most Common Concrete Lifting Questions

At WNY Spray Foam, we’ve gathered some answers to your most common questions about concrete lifting. Below are responses to some commonly asked questions:

How Is Concrete Lifted?

Lifting concrete involves drilling small holes into the sunken slab and injecting a Polyurethane foam material beneath it. The expanding foam will raise the slab back to its original level in minutes.

What Causes The Concrete To Become Unleveled?

Most of the time, concrete settles or sinks because there is too much moisture. The soil beneath concrete gets compacted when it dries out, which creates voids that allow the concrete to settle. 

Is Concrete Lifting Permanent?

We provide a long-term answer to your serious settling problem with our concrete lifting. Because the injected foam remains permanently, you may sleep well at night knowing that your concrete will remain in place.

Why Should You Choose To Work With Us?

At WYN Spray Foam, we’re certified experts in concrete lifting services. We set ourselves apart by providing exceptional service to our clients.


Our concrete lifting specialists are trained to leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived. You won’t find any evidence that we were ever there once we’re finished!


All of our experts are experienced in concrete lifting services in all types of construction. 


Our team at WYN Spray Foam knows how important your time is to you. So, when we say we’ll be there – whether for an appointment or to start a job – we’ll arrive when we say we will.

Our commitment to efficiency means we finish your project on time once we start working.

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